Monday, 24 January 2011

Screen Grabs for my contents page

This is my first screen shot of my contents page, firstly I uploaded a picture and added information underneath, the font that I have used for this connotes indie, that is what i believe. Moreover, I have added the heading for the feature articles, I have also added  blue rectangle to go under the heading, I have done this so people can relate the blue from the front cover to the contents page. I also believe that the blue looks extremely eye catching.

The next screen shot shows that I have uploaded and placed all the pictures, moreover, I have also added all the infomation for the contents page. I have added another blue rectangle to the regular content as this looks more effective if they both have blue rectangles under them. I have also added all the numbers on the pictures as this will make the contents page look more attractive.
In this screen grab I have changed the layout of my contents page, I have done this because I didn't really like the other layout of my contents page, also I believe that the pictures were too big, and I believe that the picture of the radio and the CD's didnt really fit in with my magazine as the picture didnt really entice my target auidence.
In this screen grab my contents page has changed dramatically, I have changed the layout, the first thing that I have changed is the text, I have moved the text from the middle to the left hand side, I have done this because this looks more professional and it is easier to read. The second thing that I  have changed is that I have made the picture of the girl sitting on the rock playing the guitar bigger and the main picture as I think that this picture is the strongest picture
This is the final screen shot of my contents page in quark, since the last screen shot I have changed the 'Feature Articals' and the 'Regular Content' from black to white as I believe that it stood out more against the blue.

This is my contents page completed, I have nothing to edit on this screen shot as it is completed.

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