Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pictures taken for front cover

I have decided not to use any of these photos as the models are not looking at the camera and the angles are wrong also.

Questions asked at interview

The band that I have chosen to interview is a local band called Dear Believer. I am going to interview them and then do a double page spread for my music magazine using the questions and answers given by the band.

1.So, how long have Dear Believers been together?

2.Tell me, how did everyone meet?

3.Who plays which instrument?

4.So did everyone already play the instruments or did you learn to become a part of the band?

5.Where do you usually rehearse? Do you ever get any complaints about the noise level?

6.How do you write your music, who is your inspiration?

7.As a band what is your favourite song?

8. Has Dear Believers ever been called by another name? if so what?

9. How has music changed your life since you have all started playing?

10. What has been the biggest challenge been as a band, how did you over come it?

11.Do you have a website that the fans can access like facebook?

12. Were is your favourite place to play? and why?

13.Were is the worst place you have played? and why?

14. Do you have any gigs coming up for the fans to attend?

15. Who is your favourite band?

16. What is your ultimate goal as a band?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Publication Plan

Front cover image
  • The front cover of my music magazine is, having a girl model on New Brighton Beach just casually sitting on the floor playing her guitar and even maybe smoking a cigarette.
  • Concert reports
  • INTROS top 100
  • Strum
  • Best band
  • Artic Monkeys, BUZZ
  • Exclusive interview with Bethan Jones.
Contents Page      

Feature Articles
Best Band live                                                                                  
This week its The Libertines at Liverpool Echo Arena
Coldplay, do we really know them?                                              
What is it like to be coldplay for a day
Fact or Fiction                                                                                  
Questions on music on the latest indie bands!
Grab it                                                                                               
Article on bargain hunting for instruments
Top 20 INTROS unsigned bands       
Need singing lessons?
Brain Cells                                                                                      
Festivals taking there toll?
The Vaccines                                                                                  
There here loud and proud oozing with judgement
Shes taking a trip down memory lane
Concerts up close and personal
The Coral
Came back for good?
Brandon Flowers
Going solo?
Beth Ditto
A day in the life of Beth Ditto heaven or hell?
Florance and the Machine

Exlusive interview
 Regular Content
Concert reports                                                                                
Alex turner gives her opinion on her favorite
concerts, with pictures with the bands!
Cool or drool?                                                                                   
Hottest music releases cool or drool?
Interviews with the band of the week
fern cotton gets 'close up' with the
magazine readers band of the week!
Alexa Chung festivals
She gives her takes on the local festivals
around London
Fan Mail
Your chance to get your points across to
your idols.
Reviews on everything music, with ratings

Photographs for contents page.
  • I am going to need a photograph of a guitar but close up on the strings,
  • I also I'm going to need a picture of a boy around the age of 18 walking so I will photograph him walking off into the distance.
  • I also need a picture of a girl with a microphone talking like a presenter.
  • Another idea I have is someone in a checked shirt with ripped jeans looking like they have just came back from a festival jumping and I want to catch them in 'mid jump' preferably a girl with long hair

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Publication Plan


Positioning Statement

  • The hottest music by the hottest indie bands for the hottest fans!

Frequency of publication

  • Weekly


  • £2.00


  • Newsagents and supermarkets; Indie fashion shops; Small gigs


  • My magazine gives dedicated indie fans the music updates they need to keep up to date in the music world. The infomation that they crave for just after they read just one issue, they cant wait for the next. It is from a very own fans perpective so there will be agreements and disagreements with whats written.


  • The style of my music magazine is rather informal with even a few articles written by artists themselves. There is no beating around the bush it goes stright to the music that everyone wants to hear. It will use short paragraphs and some slang and quotations.

Regular Content

  • Concert reports
  • Cool or Drool? - Debates on weither the latest bands, good/bad?
  • Top 100 music videos this week
  • Artic Monkeys buzz - weekly coulmn by the artic monkeys
  • Strum - Weekly tips on how to pay different instuments every week
  • Buzz - quiz's and puzzles on the latest music
  • Interviews - with the magazines 'band of the week'
  • Fern Cotton notes - she gives her opinion on the local gigs in london
  • Fan mail
  • Reviews

Feature Content

  • Best concert
  • Best band live
  • All the in's and outs of the coldplay
  • Fact or fiction? - statements about different bands and people have to choose wether its a fact or fiction
  • Shirts 4 sale - shirts for sale that have been sold at concerts
  • Grab it! - Article on bargin hunting for instruments
  • Unsigned bands
  • Singing sessions
  • Brain cells - An article debating wether festivals are taking its toll on the human brain
  • The vaccines take on the biggest selling artists right now!
  • Katy b a fix?
  • Mash up mix - mix cd avaliable on order
  • Insight - insight of the biggest concerts up close and personal
  • The Coral-Came back for good
  • Brandon Flowers-Going solo?
  • Beth Ditto-A day in the life of Beth Ditto heaven or hell?
  • Florance and the Machine-Exlusive interview

House Style

Coverlines -  Hobo Std & Hobo Std

Headlines -  Elephant

Standfirst -  Calibri   14pt.

Captions - Arial Unicode MS   8pt.

News first paragraph - First paragraph in bold capitals

Body Text - Times new Roman 11pt

Colour Scheme - Marron, White, and Black

Questionnaire Results

This is my questionnaire results, I have translated my results by using bar charts. I asked my target audience to fill out the questionnaire to help me with ideas for my own music magazine, so therefore my music magazine is appealing to my target audience and it holds all the contents that my target audience find interesting so they will want to read it.


This is a bar chart to show the age of the participants who filled out my questionnaire. This has helped me decide what age my target audience for my magazine will be from the ages of 15-20.

This is a bar chart to show how often people buy magazines. This concludes that most the people who helped me fill out my questionnaire buy magazines weekly so therefore I will make a magazine that is published weekly.

This is bar chart shows the colours that the people who filled out my questionnaire favour the most. So therefore with these results I have decided use the colour scheme of maroon and white for my music magazine.

This bar chart shows that kings of leon and the temper trap are the favorite. So with my target audience's help I have decided to include something to do with the KOL or the temper trap in my magazine so it becomes appealing to my target audience.

This bar chart tells me that the sections of a magazine that was rated the highest is gossip articles and prizes. So therefore, with these answers I have decided to have something about articles and prizes on my magazine so my target audience will actually want to buy my magazine.

This is a bar chart to show what three words my target audience associate with the word indie. This will help me come up with a title for my music magazine which will appeal to my buyers. So with my target audiences help I have decided to call my music magazine Intro. 

This bar chart tells me what entices my target audience to buy a music magazine. So with this information I can include some of the popular results such as a eye-catching colour scheme, this will make my magazine stand out on the shelf, so therefore there will be more buyers.

This bar chart tells me that my target audience enjoy attending gigs. So moreover, I am going to include something on my contents page about gigs around the country that people can attend to. Furthermore, my magazine becomes more eye-catching to the target audience.

This is a bar chart to show how much the target audience is willing to pay for a music magazine. Moreover because of this result I will make my music magazine to be between £2.00 to £2.50. This is because that is the most popular result from this bar chart, and my target audience will also be willing to pay that price.

This bar chart shows what the target auidence have chosen as their most favorite part of a music magazine. So being held with this infomation I have decided to include maybe a gift and a poster. This is be eye-catching for the target auidence as it is giving them what they want so they will buy the magazine.