Monday, 8 November 2010

Publication Plan

Front cover image
  • The front cover of my music magazine is, having a girl model on New Brighton Beach just casually sitting on the floor playing her guitar and even maybe smoking a cigarette.
  • Concert reports
  • INTROS top 100
  • Strum
  • Best band
  • Artic Monkeys, BUZZ
  • Exclusive interview with Bethan Jones.
Contents Page      

Feature Articles
Best Band live                                                                                  
This week its The Libertines at Liverpool Echo Arena
Coldplay, do we really know them?                                              
What is it like to be coldplay for a day
Fact or Fiction                                                                                  
Questions on music on the latest indie bands!
Grab it                                                                                               
Article on bargain hunting for instruments
Top 20 INTROS unsigned bands       
Need singing lessons?
Brain Cells                                                                                      
Festivals taking there toll?
The Vaccines                                                                                  
There here loud and proud oozing with judgement
Shes taking a trip down memory lane
Concerts up close and personal
The Coral
Came back for good?
Brandon Flowers
Going solo?
Beth Ditto
A day in the life of Beth Ditto heaven or hell?
Florance and the Machine

Exlusive interview
 Regular Content
Concert reports                                                                                
Alex turner gives her opinion on her favorite
concerts, with pictures with the bands!
Cool or drool?                                                                                   
Hottest music releases cool or drool?
Interviews with the band of the week
fern cotton gets 'close up' with the
magazine readers band of the week!
Alexa Chung festivals
She gives her takes on the local festivals
around London
Fan Mail
Your chance to get your points across to
your idols.
Reviews on everything music, with ratings

Photographs for contents page.
  • I am going to need a photograph of a guitar but close up on the strings,
  • I also I'm going to need a picture of a boy around the age of 18 walking so I will photograph him walking off into the distance.
  • I also need a picture of a girl with a microphone talking like a presenter.
  • Another idea I have is someone in a checked shirt with ripped jeans looking like they have just came back from a festival jumping and I want to catch them in 'mid jump' preferably a girl with long hair

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