Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Publication Plan


Positioning Statement

  • The hottest music by the hottest indie bands for the hottest fans!

Frequency of publication

  • Weekly


  • £2.00


  • Newsagents and supermarkets; Indie fashion shops; Small gigs


  • My magazine gives dedicated indie fans the music updates they need to keep up to date in the music world. The infomation that they crave for just after they read just one issue, they cant wait for the next. It is from a very own fans perpective so there will be agreements and disagreements with whats written.


  • The style of my music magazine is rather informal with even a few articles written by artists themselves. There is no beating around the bush it goes stright to the music that everyone wants to hear. It will use short paragraphs and some slang and quotations.

Regular Content

  • Concert reports
  • Cool or Drool? - Debates on weither the latest bands, good/bad?
  • Top 100 music videos this week
  • Artic Monkeys buzz - weekly coulmn by the artic monkeys
  • Strum - Weekly tips on how to pay different instuments every week
  • Buzz - quiz's and puzzles on the latest music
  • Interviews - with the magazines 'band of the week'
  • Fern Cotton notes - she gives her opinion on the local gigs in london
  • Fan mail
  • Reviews

Feature Content

  • Best concert
  • Best band live
  • All the in's and outs of the coldplay
  • Fact or fiction? - statements about different bands and people have to choose wether its a fact or fiction
  • Shirts 4 sale - shirts for sale that have been sold at concerts
  • Grab it! - Article on bargin hunting for instruments
  • Unsigned bands
  • Singing sessions
  • Brain cells - An article debating wether festivals are taking its toll on the human brain
  • The vaccines take on the biggest selling artists right now!
  • Katy b a fix?
  • Mash up mix - mix cd avaliable on order
  • Insight - insight of the biggest concerts up close and personal
  • The Coral-Came back for good
  • Brandon Flowers-Going solo?
  • Beth Ditto-A day in the life of Beth Ditto heaven or hell?
  • Florance and the Machine-Exlusive interview

House Style

Coverlines -  Hobo Std & Hobo Std

Headlines -  Elephant

Standfirst -  Calibri   14pt.

Captions - Arial Unicode MS   8pt.

News first paragraph - First paragraph in bold capitals

Body Text - Times new Roman 11pt

Colour Scheme - Marron, White, and Black

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