Thursday, 25 November 2010

Questions asked at interview

The band that I have chosen to interview is a local band called Dear Believer. I am going to interview them and then do a double page spread for my music magazine using the questions and answers given by the band.

1.So, how long have Dear Believers been together?

2.Tell me, how did everyone meet?

3.Who plays which instrument?

4.So did everyone already play the instruments or did you learn to become a part of the band?

5.Where do you usually rehearse? Do you ever get any complaints about the noise level?

6.How do you write your music, who is your inspiration?

7.As a band what is your favourite song?

8. Has Dear Believers ever been called by another name? if so what?

9. How has music changed your life since you have all started playing?

10. What has been the biggest challenge been as a band, how did you over come it?

11.Do you have a website that the fans can access like facebook?

12. Were is your favourite place to play? and why?

13.Were is the worst place you have played? and why?

14. Do you have any gigs coming up for the fans to attend?

15. Who is your favourite band?

16. What is your ultimate goal as a band?

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