Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Inital Plans for my magazine

With all the research that I have done I have come to a decision about my own magazine.

  • I have decided to price my music magazine at £2.00 this is because this is the average of the other music magazines that my music magazine is in competition with, so therefore it cannot be any more than the competition as the customer will go for the cheaper option and not buy my magazine.

Frequency of publication

  • I have decided to make my magazine a weekly magazine, this is because all the other indie magazines such as NME is a weekly magazine so therefore I want to be the same as the competition and keep the readers up to date frequently.

Issue size

  • I have decided to make my magazine around 300 pages as that is the average of the magazines have around that many pages. So i do not want to have less than the competition because that means less information so then the buyer will go for the magazine that has more pages so they feel more satisfied with their purchase.

Regular Content

  • I have decided to have

Feature Articles

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