Friday, 15 October 2010

Analysis of professional Front cover.

  • With a professional magazine cover, they use simple colours. Moreover, they only use about 2/3 colours that they know will look good on the shelf. Also, they do research about what colours are favoured by their target audience so for example; NME magazines target audience is people around the age of 16-25 who are men, so they are not going to use bright pink on the front cover.
  • Magazines use their title as a way for the readers to differentiate from magazine from another. Moreover, the titles on a professional magazine cover is unique from any other magazine. Furthermore, the title is usually only one word which is catchy and remember able. Also, it takes up the whole of the width of the magazine. Lastly, the title is usually bold and it stands out on the shelf.
Main Image
  • The main image on a front cover has always got something to do with the feature article so when the readers see the main image they know what the main article will be in the magazine and if they are interested in the main article this will entice them to buy this.
  • This is what magazines use to entice the reader by offering something a little bit extra so the audience is swayed towards that magazine and buy theirs instead of the competition.
Coverlines &Sublines
  • Coverlines- they are usually only a couple of words to attract the reader.
  • Subtitles- Subtitles explain the coverline in a short sentence to make sure it sounds appealing to the reader. Also the subline is in a smaller text.
  • There is usually up to 6 or 7 coverlines and subtitles on a magazine front cover.
Exclusive Main Feature
  • This makes sure the reader buys their magazine,  as they make out like they are the only magazine with that interview which is very effective. Using words such as 'exclusive' makes the reader sound included in the gossip and what they are about to read is very secret.
Strip across the top or bottom.
  • This is a strip which includes artists names who feature in the magazine.

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