Monday, 11 October 2010

Reasearching the market place

NME Magazine

  • The price of my competitors (NME magazine) is £1.25 a week. Moreover, on the NME website there is a deal on at the moment for 4 magazines for only £1.00 as a starter trial.
Frequency of publication
  • The frequency of publication for the NME magazine is weekly, so therefore my magazine will have to be weekly also.
Issue size
  • The issue size of the NME magazine is usually 220 pages including advertisement pages
Regular content
  • NME magazine gives exclusive information on the hottest indie music, they also share great music writing and photography on the latest bands.
Feature articles
  • Music Updates
  • Ticket information
  • Indie bands
  • The latest indie band gossip (make-ups and fall outs)
  • Interviews on quirky bands
  • hottest producers right now

Uncut Magazine

  • UNCUT magazine is a expensive magazine, as it is a huge £4.90.
Frequency of publication
  • This magazine is issued monthly so this is probably why the magazine is so expensive as it has a whole months worth of information on music.
Issue Size
  • 148 packed pages, the magazine will have allot of pages because of the fact that it is only issued monthly, not weekly.
Regular Content
  • Interviews with music legends.
  •  Gig updates
  • Prizes
  • New and upcoming artist debates.
Feature Articles
  • Ticket infomation
  • Latest gossip
  • Question and answers for the readers
  • Debate pages
  • News
  • Reviews on the latest music artists.

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