Tuesday, 19 October 2010


For my as media coursework I am designing a music magazine, I would be grateful if you take the time to fill this questionnaire out.
1.      Are you male or female?

2.      How old are you?
     15-20        20-25        25+
3.      How often do you by music magazines?
      Weekly?    Monthly?   Yearly?
4.      What colours do you associate with indie music?

5.      What your favourite indie music artist?

6.      On a scale of 1 to 5 were 5 is very important and one being the least relevant, how do u rate the following aspects of a music magazine

Pictures                     1       2       3       4        5
Competitions?          1       2       3       4        5
Feature articles?      1       2       3       4        5
Interviews?               1       2       3       4        5
Prizes?                       1       2       3       4        5
Updates?                  1       2       3       4        5
Gossip articles?        1       2       3       4        5

7.      Do you either download your music online or buy CDS?

8.      What three words do you associate with indie music?

9.      What do you dislike any contents of a music magazine?

10.  What entices you to buy a music magazine?

11.  Do you attend allot of concerts? If yes who have you been to scene?

12.  How much are you willing to pay for a music magazine?

13.  Do you have a particular favourite part in a music magazine?

This is my questionnaire, I have done this to help me create my magazine by using the answers to give me ideas for my target audience so for example; if the majority of my target audience don't like the colour blue then I will not include blue in my magazine. Furthermore, I will give my questionnaire to my target audience so I get the answers that are related to my genre (Indie).

All the questions that I have included in my questionnaire is to do with the creation of my magazine, so I will use the results to make my questionnaire to create my magazine so it is liked by my target audience. Also I have used rate systems in my questionnaire as they only take a few seconds to complete they contain allot of research.

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