Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Photography Work

This is a low angle medium close-up.
This a high angle medium close-up.
This is an extreme close-up.
This is an big close-up of someone using their phone.
Close up of someone in nature.

Two medium shot. 
Over the shoulder shot of someone writing.
       Very long shot conveying isolation.

Medium close-up.

Very long shot.
Connoting friendship.

Connoting stress.

I have chosen the certain pictures that I have because I believe they are good images and they go well with the critera that we was given. Although, I think I could of been a little bit more creative with the 'connoting friendship' image as it wasnt original and also in some of the images (very long shot) the focus could of been a little bit better as it was out of focus slightly. Furthermore, I enjoyed this task as I am very interested in photography and I liked furthering my skills even more. We took these pictures by using our class mates as models we did this is school time.

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